Monday, April 7, 2014

~~~Gratitude~~~ Spring Thaw?

We decided to celebrate spring yesterday afternoon by helping the thaw along with a campfire!  We made our Selves stop working and just sit a bit and enjoy the wonderful outdoors.  A lot of the time we just sat in quiet together, mesmerized  by the flames and the sound of wind in the trees.  I am grateful that I am with a man that I can be quiet with me.  

Getting the fire going on top of ice!

Still struggling with making meal for 2 middle age folks watching their waistlines.  Realize that leftovers are a new phenomenon in our house.  I am used to cooking for 3 with the third being a growing teen that always looked imploringly at me after each that all?  (his first bit of communication as a babe was sign language for the word "more" ~ it is rumored that up at college he has 6 meals a day!)  We did enjoy our meal by the fire~ chicken wings, quinoa salad, water, & wine!


There's something ‘bout a fire and the mesmerizing glow
Of its dancing, flick'ring embers that does enthrall me so
A soft and gentle fire slowly glowing in the night
Soothing, calming, warming. It is such a pure delight

The best time for a fire's when the flames they have died down
And the crackling and the popping all have ceased
All the flurry and the groaning, all the hurry and the churning
All have gone, and now the fire is at peace 

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