Friday, April 18, 2014

---Shop News--- Poem in Your Pocket Day!

Next Week is Poem in Your Pocket Day April 24th!  Check out the link for fun ways to celebrate!  It is a great way to introduce kids to poetry!  If you have been following my blog you know, by now, that I adore poetry.  I have since I was a young girl.  There is something about so much being said with fewer words that has always attracted me to poems.

I have come to find out that I just might, maybe, be in some sort of minority when it comes to poetry love.  My DH & son considered my reading poetry aloud to them as a sort of punishment...which I admit to using at times when I thought there was some very minor & silly infraction.  Well, I can be become obsessed with an idea.  Like I did with my little Handspun Handwoven Haiku Weavette Ornaments at the InJoyEmporium Etsy Shop.  I sort of made a ton of them. I have new ideas brewing for the Emporium Shop so letting go for a song <---which are mostly poems with music added!

So in the spirit of sharing poetry for EACH $8.00 Haiku Ornament you purchase you will receive a FREE Haiku Ornament!  The perfect gift for Poem in Your Pocket Day!

Here are just a FEW examples of my Japanese Haiku Creations

In Celebration of National Poetry Month an Etsy POEM Treasury!


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