Thursday, August 28, 2014

3 Days Gone!

Oh where, oh where, have I been!?  Three days gone from the gardens and this is what I find upon my return!  The wheelbarrow was too small for this haul so had to cart it all.  The last couple of days have been catch-up.  The day before that was running around town taking, the soon to return to college, boy/man to appointments and shopping.  BUT the two days before that I was on a trip!  A wonderful, beautiful, amazing boat voyage around and about Penobscot Bay, Maine!  

It has been a while since I have left my Freedom home for an overnight anything.  The morning of the trip it occurred to me that it had been over two years since I had gone away and slept anywhere else.  Funny thing is, I hadn't really noticed that I haven't been away.  Guess this speaks to the wonderfulness of where I live!

Seven women with beyond perfect weather set out from Belfast Harbor, Maine for Isle au Haut.  What good company!  We all brought amazing food.  But the weather was unimaginably beautiful.  Words escape me so I will let the photos tell the story.  (this will be a photo rich post for all my far flung family that do not have facebook)

Our Vessel ~ that transported us on a dream voyage

Evening arrives and we weigh anchor off of Isle au Haut~~

In the morning me and one other fearless mermaid took a QUICK dip in the harbor!

Towed the kayaks for these ladies, who enjoyed a morning paddle...
While the rest of us took the dinghy into "town" for a walk.

My turn at the helm!
A bit of my garden goes to sea!

Wind blown, a bit too much sun, and weary from a late night of gazing at the stars but, content.  I am so grateful to the Skipper for inviting me to come on this little adventure.  We had so much fun, tons of laughs!  We all worked well together and I am sure we will smile when we recall the evenings anchoring activities!  Leaving you with the lyrics to the Gordon Bok song, Isle au Haut Lullaby~~~~~

(Gordon Bok)

If I could give you three things,
I would give you these:
Song and laughter and a wooden home
In the shining seas

When you see old Isle au Haut
Rising in the dawn,
You will play in yellow fields
In the morning sun.

Sleep where the moon is warm
And the moon is high.
Give sadness to the stars,
Sorrow to the sea.

Do you hear what the sails are saying
In the wind's dark song?
Give sadness to the wind,
Blown alee and gone.

Sleep now, the moon is high,
And the wind blows cold;
For you are sad and young
And the sea is old.

If I could give you three things
I would give you these:
Song and laughter and a wooden home
In the shining sea.


  1. Wonderful, clear pictures. We have vacationed in Maine for years, but have never been on one of the islands.

    1. Thanks, Katie! It is wonderful living in vacationland!