Thursday, August 21, 2014

☼ Forest & Field Happenings ☼

Bedraggled is the word that best describes me these days.  Working hard and a bit weary as well as grateful for an amazing garden year.  It has been a few years since I have experienced such abundance, so naturally, I have forgotten how much work is involved.  Oh! for those years when things failed and I could just go to the beach!  I could just leave it, I guess, but that is not my nature.  Waste Not Want Not is too ingrained in my psyche. I was very much influenced by Grandparents that came of age during the depression.  I sometime "hear" them urging me on into the night as I process my harvest.  Today, I had a bit of break, a dear friend came over with a nice lunch and helping hands.  She helped pick and I sent most of the pickings home with her.  We both felt fortunate!  She had a trunk full of organic produce and I didn't have to process it, plus, it was nice having company in the garden!  All I had left to deal with was a few cukes and!

Here is a little tour of today~

 Happy defenses seem to be more duck losses!

 Been working on the Garlic top trimming...a little at a time to save my wrists.

 Waiting until I harvest the onions and leeks before tilling and cover cropping here.

Some wasps mating next to a butterfly.

 Elderberries nearly ready,...good thing I am on my last jar of elderberry syrup!
This stuff is my magic elixir...felt a cold (or allergy?) coming on ~ a few sips ~ CURED!

 Oats & Peas cover crop looking pretty!

Big garden in various states of bedraggled-ness and dishevelment 


What rhymes with orange, purple, and other
words that have no rhyme?
Oranges rhyme with lemons,
purple with lilac.
Poetry amazes us,
brings us out of our expectancy.
We thought it dull in school,
something like a long sermon in church.
Now we know that
poetry can awaken our senses.


  1. Lovely garden and nice looking cover crop. Well done on your harvests!

  2. I'll have to see if I can get some elderberry syrup for this upcoming winter. I just learned about it last year. Elderberries are not big in Pennsylvania. Those harlequin Indian Runner ducks are so pretty.