Friday, August 8, 2014

☼ Forest & Field Happenings ☼ Duck Defense

Monday late afternoon I lost another duck! Around 4:00 pm I had been out with Runa.  All ducks were present and accounted for.  About 30 minutes later, in the house, Runa started pitching a fit.  I suddenly thought I better check the ducks!  One white one was gone without a trace!  Bumming.  Alien AbDUCKion!  I suspect the "alien" is either a fox or a Great Horned Owl.  I have been hearing an owl hooting nearly every night and often during the day but, the sneakiness suggests a fox.  I can't bare to have my ducks locked up all the time plus, I don't think it would be healthy.  So I spent yesterday morning tightening up my Duck Defenses. I rummaged around the house looking for things I could use.  First was to string up a distracting fence.

I have a drawer full of old CD's I have been holding on to knowing someday I would upcycle into a project of some sort. I added some jingle bells that I got at yardsale (but they don't jingle much unless the string is disturbed)  I hope the flashing from the CDs will make the area less appealing to the predators.

Next I put up this owl decoy that I glued the head back on the night before.

I had a couple bird scare balls that I hung up.

My masterpiece though is my "scarecrow" ME!

I stuffed some clothes with hay and added a mannequin head that I paid a dollar for at a yardsale!  I plan to move her around a bit and add a flashlight at night.  If this doesn't scare them I don't know what will!?  Runa jumped into her lap and licked her face when I was finished!  Glad I had the camera handy!!  She hasn't got a name yet...any suggestion!?

One more thing I added...from our 2nd bathroom....the pee bucket I dribbled some our scent around the edge of the woods.  We lived off the grid in our early years so using a bucket is sort of a habit.  Human Urine is a great nutrient additive for the garden or compost pile. We use it in our gardens and every Time we use the toilet we feel a bit like we are squandering our pee....hope this isn't TMI!  

Just one more thing...I ordered one of these from Amazon

So except for putting the ducks in earlier and letting them out later this is about all I can think of doing.  If anyone out there has had success with predator control that doesn't involve killing I would love to hear about your ideas! 

At least Runa seems to like the new addition to the family!
Just One More Thing (I sound like Columbo...for those of a certain age...TV) We have been on a campaign around here to train Runa to bark less.  Icelandic Sheepdogs are pretty barky.  This may have been a mistake.  So while I was outside shoring up my defenses I encourage Runa to have a barking fest.  Wish me & my duckies luck! 


  1. So sorry Deborah!! :( It's always hard when we loose an animal. Hope all you have done keeps the rest of the duckies safe. I have heard that foxes tend to leave a bunch of feathers. Love the mannequin! Good luck!!

  2. Thanks! I am very perplex as to who the culprit is, there is no trace or sign of struggle