Tuesday, February 25, 2014

***Tuesday"s Tip*** Signs of Spring???

Despite how it looks outside and the temperature forecast says the high will be 29 and the low 5 today there are signs of spring around here.  This week begins my gardening activities...&...dreams.  I have prepped my soil and will start my onions, celery, leeks...and for something different Stevia today.  Soon too follow will be my eggplants and peppers, then tomatoes, finally some broccoli and cauliflowers.  All before anything goes into the ground outside.  This is the way it is here in the Northeast.  Spring is something that slowly emerges  in Maine.  I like it, I am not weary of winter yet but, in all fairness I seldom have to leave the homestead or drive when the weather is dicey.  But nonetheless,  the dreaming begins...the too large of garden is planned...and the optimistic thoughts of bounty commence.   

I have tidied up the growing shelves...

I am saving egg shells in my freezer ~~A TIP~~ Add a handful of eggshells into each Tomato planting hole...They love the extra calcium!


Save your cardboard milk cartons for transplanting tomatoes.  I am not sure why but the seedling that get planted in the milk boxes do much better than those in other containers.  I have done numerous experiments!

Something new I am trying this year will be planting my eggplants and peppers in my saved  Ice tea cups from last summer....little mini greenhouses, I hope.  (Ok I do go out, occasionally, and I do indulge myself with a drive-thru Dunkin Donut Ice Tea, with Lemon.) 

My box of first dreams ready for the winter starting....

and back to the cold room the summer dreams go after an evening of garden planning reverie sorting seeds and imagining the future.  The cold winds may blow outside my window but... "In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer"  ~Albert Camus

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