Tuesday, February 18, 2014

***Tuesday's Tip*** Dusty Books

 I dove into the bookshelf project Sunday and finished last night.  Not the kind of project you want to live with for too long.  So what could possibly be the "tip", you might wonder?  My books were wicked dusty!  I love micro fiber cloths as an eco way to clean.  My regular cloth just wasn't getting the job done.  I was rummaging among my rags and I came across this lime green sea anemone looking thing I forgot that I had.  It was a gift.  A Christmas gift from 2 years ago.  I don't remember who gave it to me, I am sure I thanked them...I am good about that sort of thing.  But, I do remember opening the package and wondering...What the Heck?!  Must of tossed in the cleaning rags back then.  Well, I will tell you this thing is FANTASTIC!  I wiped down all of my books with this thing and it cleaned each one wonderfully getting into the edges and right down to the last book! I don't know where you can get one of these things but, if you see one I would get it!

It was a lot of work and a bit of a push but I really wanted this project done!  Now I can focus on taxes and garden planning (& ETSY)  What I like about a project like this is the purge aspect as well as the organizing.  I have a pile of books to give away and some nice vintage finds to list on Etsy.  Also, I know better what I have for books and they are organized by subject.  I arranged the books I use the most to be more accessible and the books I want to read more seeable.  When I glance up from scarf weaving all the books I want to read most will be right there!  Think I've earned a cup of tea and a bit of reading time!!  (moral of the story too--->I will keep a more open mind about odd gifts in the future!) PS...no more taxes procrastination excuses either!

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