Sunday, February 9, 2014

~~~Gratitude~~~ A Bowl of Sunshine

{handwoven runner by me}

I am known for my love of lemons.  One of my favorite sayings is, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade".  I even made a fiber collage around that saying.  It has sort of been my life outlook.  I may tend towards a PollyAnna view at times but, it does make for a happy life.  It is not just the saying that I love it is also the flavor.  Some folks crave chocolate...not is lemons (or avocado).  I thought I had thoroughly  explored most lemon eating possibilities, to their fullest, at this point in my life. Until, recently, a dear friend gifted me with a bowl of Meyer Lemons.  I had never had them before! I was utterly amazed at what I had been missing.  Not only are they delicious their skin is as soft as silk.  I just wanted to stroke the dear little things.  I can eat them peel and all!!  It just so happens that this same dear friend encouraged me to create this collage and suggested I show it on this blog.  So here is my "Lemon Aid" Piece...

That is a photo of 8 year old me (printed on to canvas).  Like so many I have story of a not so perfect childhood.  Creating has always been my most "fruitful" form of healing.  So much for the early years...  What is perfect though is the Meyer Lemon!  So a little photo fun, a poem, and dessert with the Meyer Lemon!  Grateful for lemons and a dear friend who give gifts of sunshine and light!

{peel & all}

{wish I could squirrel these away}

{runa not so sure}

{perfect balance ~ perfect lemon}

{my kind of lemonhead}

Ode To The Lemon ~ by Pablo Neruda
From blossoms
by the moonlight,
from an
aroma of exasperated
steeped in fragrance,
drifted from the lemon tree,
and from its plantarium
lemons descended to the earth.

Tender yield!
The coasts,
the markets glowed
with light, with
unrefined gold;
we opened
two halves
of a miracle,
congealed acid
from the hemispheres
of a star,
the most intense liqueur
of nature,
unique, vivid,
born of the cool, fresh
of its fragrant house,
its acid, secret symmetry.

sliced a small
in the lemon,
the concealed apse, opened,
revealed acid stained glass,
oozed topaz,
cool architecture.

So, when you hold
the hemisphere
of a cut lemon
above your plate,
you spill
a universe of gold,
yellow goblet
of miracles,
a fragrant nipple
of the earth's breast,
a ray of light that was made fruit,
the minute fire of a planet.
From Selected odes of Pablo Neruda, University of California Press, 1990

It is my intention, each Sunday, to share something that fills me with Gratitude. 
I write ~~~Gratitude~~~ with the wavy lines to represent the gratitude ENERGY~~~~~! 
I hope you will join me and share your gratitude moments. 
~~~Amen, Blessed Be, Namaste'~~~

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