Friday, November 1, 2013

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Seems like if I can wrap wire around it I will!  I have 2 new creation categories at InJoyGatherings Shop ~~ Garlands & Globs.  I'll start with the globs.  I found a big bag of green, sky blue, cobalt blue, & clear glass globby things at the thrift shop....they are very pretty and here is what I did with them....

This just a sampling...there are more in the shop and more to be listed...these are listed with the same Tendril offer of buy 3 get one vintage Marble Tendril FREE...this offer lasts until I lose all my marbles! ;)

Ok Garlands....I was rummaging at old hardware sort of salvage place and found a bunch of interesting copper colored steel sash chain.  Well, when I see a copper color I want to get wrapping.  The Tendril Garland has been Invented!

Beach Stones

Tiny Green Marbles

Sea Glass

and Clear Marbles

If I only had more time.......but it is back to puppet making now...oh...still FUN!

And todays Treasury.....MAINETEAM! CASH MOB next Friday November 8th 
SAVE 30% off in any of my shops that day only ~~~ coupon code cashmob13

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