Friday, November 22, 2013

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Well, my Moose is on the Loose!  He is being featured in Down East Magazine, December 2013, pg 78, item #13...want to give you a very clear map to find your way...I am only a little bit excited!  But this isn't my first brush with "fame".  I have been in the newspaper 4 times, on TV 3 times, and Al Gore had his arms around me!  

My first newspaper exposure was a front page photo of me when I work at the Young Adults Conservation Corp in Shelton, Washington.  I was wearing a Smokey the Bear hard hat, steel toe boots and I was peeling a log!  Years later I had a feature piece done in a Maine paper about my hand weaving.  Then I was photgraphed once while in the Coast Guard Reserves during a rescue.  Then finally at another rescue as a paramedic.

My TV debut started with the USCGR...another rescue op.  Then I was one of the folks who said "Good Night" on the evening newscast while working at the Unity Co-op.  Finally, I once was interviewed at a community rally that was fighting to prevent a nuclear waste dump in Unity Plantation, Maine.  Those were exciting times!

And here is me with Al Gore...

Late 1990's ~~~ You can see my son was not too impressed with politicians...

So here is my present 15 minutes of fame...

And in celebration I created a Moose on the Loose ~ All MaineTeam ~ Treasury!

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