Tuesday, November 12, 2013

***Tuesday's Tip***

I have a little craft project for today's blog.  This is SUPER easy.  

Several years ago I was given all 3 of these William Wegman Holiday Cards.  I just loved them!! I wanted a way to enjoy them as a decoration.  So I came up with this little idea.

I recently aquired a bunch of vintage flashcards that I am selling at my Etsy Shop www.injoytreasures.etsy.com Which inspired me to to try this project again with some of these cool words!  All you need is some 1/8 th inches ribbon, 7 or 8 pony beads, and a hole punch.  I used glass pony beads for this project but plastic for the Wegman Cards.

Measure the ribbon by just looping it around the cards you have chosen to find the length you would like.

Punch a hole in each corner of the cards.

Then thread the ribbon through the card holes and use the pony bead as a spacer.

Continue right around...

Thread both ribbon tails into one pony bead.  Adjust the hanging until it suits you.  
If the ribbon in the final pony bead is loose you can tie a little knot after the bead.

Then Ta-Da!

Here are a few more photos of the holiday cards.  This would be a fun way to display those extra school photos or postcards from a trip...Use your IMAGINATION!

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