Sunday, November 10, 2013


The end of our Autumn chores usually culminates with a big burn.   All year long we collect brush from clearings, old rotten pallets that once held firewood, and garden waste that might be too buggy to compost.  There is something exciting about the burn, beyond the big flames.  There is definitely a feeling of ~ purge!  Burning is so primal...I can feel the connection to my ancestors who may have burned for more ceremonial reasons.  I have to admit, I do mentally toss "things" into the flames that I would rather not have in my life anymore. Letting go into the fire all that no longer serves me.  The flames of the south with the sun heading towards a lower asmuth each day with lengthening nights until the Solstice.  It feels good to be done with Autumn and ready for winter!  

~~~I am Grateful~~~

Burning Brush
burning brush out back,
sticks and twigs and limbs...
when the pile got low
i started throwing in,
memories, feelings, and dreams.

the fire blazed high,
but just for a moment...
then died to embers,
steady and pulsing...
and so does time to the heart!

the flame that gasps for air,
strangled by its own ardor...
till the outer body burns,
what's left is pure fuel...
warming the feet of God! 

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