Wednesday, December 18, 2013


It has been frigid here in Freedom! But the cold has not kept me completely indoors. Monday evening I saw this sunset like light in the northeastern sky.  I went out to see.  Then I ran in and got my coat, half mittens, and camera...I should have grabbed a hat and full mittens.  I was halfway to the field before my eyelashes started to freeze but, it was worth it! I got to see this incredible moon rise!!

That is as long as I could take the cold before it started to hurt.  I ran in and got one more glimpse through a window from the safety and warmth of our house!

Winter Moon Through A Third Eye

Staring out the frosted glass,
I ponder there, alone.
The moon, at its fullest, its highest peak,
all I can think of are words.
Words flowing off that fullest moon,
being born from my ink stained pen.
I write those words upon the page;
my heart flowing with the ink.
The soon winter night inspires me.
Staring out the frosted glass:
I glimpse eternity. 

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