Friday, December 6, 2013

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What's it all ABOUT?  That is what Etsy wants to know!  Etsy has a great feature that links customers and browsers to information ABOUT the seller.  At the bottom of each listing is a link to a sellers ABOUT page.  It is a wonderful way to tell one's story and share one's process.  My trouble has been getting to doing it!  BUSY! But Etsy is going to require ABOUT pages in the near like a deadline to encourage me to get something done! 

So what comes next is the thinking...what IS this ABOUT for me?  What can I share that is meaningful and connecting?  It has been good for me to think about, ABOUT, sort of hones my mission statement and helps me to understand what I am doing and why.  With the DownEast Magazine Feature I decided I would start with the InJoyEcoCutie Shop.  So here is what a down three to go...


Weaver of Dreams * Spinner of Yarns * Sewing to Mend the Soul

I am In Joy when I am creating.  I really love to make and collect things!  

Everything in this shop 100% handmade by me.  I hand cut upcycled & ecological materials to create the  variety of cute items you see in this shop.  I do the sewing, the shipping, the bookkeeping - everything!  I am inspired by the natural world and my lively imagination.  I have 3 other Etsy shops each with a different theme...I am a very busy gal...loving every minute of it!

I was given my first sewing machine at age 5, an old hand crank singer, I taught myself to sew!  I can not remember a time when I wasn't making something.  As a girl I nailed boards together to make "boats".  Give me a pile of old socks and I would turn them into doll clothes. (guess I was upcycling before it was a word!) Since my childhood I have taught myself to weave, spin, woodwork, garden, build, and more.

I spend my life creating, gardening, mothering a teen (now college man!), being a partner, caring for creatures, reading, wandering, & wondering on 30 nice acres in a house built by he and me in Freedom, Maine

Treasury of the Week~ Team Upcyclers!  
Great Eco Gift Ideas!

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