Tuesday, April 28, 2015

☼ Forest & Field Happenings ☼

It has been pretty rainy and cold around here lately, but, better than snow!  There was a brief bit of clearing so Runa & I got out for a walk.  Spring in Maine is a slow affair.  The world feels like it is at a stand still, somewhere between life and death.  It takes quiet to feel the earth waking.  It is easy to become distracted by all the things to do.  There are dead things everywhere, branches, remains of gardens that were forgotten in the fall. I found a dead porcupine that just look as if old age had taken him.  The scent in the air is not fresh, there is too much mud and rot.  Nevertheless, I felt the awakening today.  I hushed the to-do list and went to a still place in my mind.  As I walked, I opened to the aliveness around me.  I could feel the ripple of life pass through my body.  I took the time to relish this inbetween time before the soon to come hustle and bustle of gardens and lively life!

Last of the Snow

Raven Offerings

Slow Greening


Soon Enough

 I try to see something new each day. The art of seeing is essential to any creative work in my humble opinion.  My favorites are the ones that stop me in my tracks!  Like so many folks I have a very busy mind that I struggle to quiet.  By creating this practice it has given me many opportunities to pause and be with a new wonder.  I love to wonder about wonders.  These little seeings can be just the jolt my creative process needs to get out of a rut.  But mostly, they provide a pause which is that moment of peace I need to heal from a frustration. These seeings are grounding for me and bring me to the present.  I will admit to laughing out loud with joy over some of my discoveries, they are a moments of childlike wonder!  

"When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky"     ~~~Buddha

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  1. It is good that you can be patient and appreciate the moment now.

    1. Thanks, Katie! What a difference a week makes with some sunshine! Snow is gone and greening is coming on!