Thursday, April 9, 2015


I am beginning to wonder if Maine is under the spell of the White Witch of Narnia, never ending winter?  We received another 3 inches of snow last night...ho hum.  A grey day with a chill in the air.  I, optimistically, put my winter scarves in the laundry pile thinking they wouldn't be needed anymore.  I swore I won't put my snowshoes on again until next fall.  But after a walk the other day on old snow without snowshoes I "post-holed" and hurt my hip.  Runa & I needed our walk so snowshoe we did.  Once I got going I did enjoy my time outside.

The duck pond is open.  I haven't been able to get a photo of the girls in the water.  They are taking very quick dips.  The water must be pretty cold still.  Even with the fresh snow there are signs of melting. The bench by the pond is looking more like a bench than a slab in the snow.  It was a good day to hang out in the sewing room and work on some new ideas.  Thread was flying and the day passed well.  I have always loved winter and wished it would last longer when it leaves on time.  I must be careful for what a wish for or some magical Witch may grant me my desire! ;)

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  1. I know that most people dread Winter, but I have decided that I actually really like it! I'm dreaming of moving to a place with more snow than we get here in PA. Your world still looks wonderful.