Tuesday, May 5, 2015

☼ Forest & Field Happenings ☼ FEDCO + Canoe

I could call this post forest and far afield happenings!  It has been busy around here the last 4 days!  Friday I went to the FEDCO pre-order sale(...Open to the public this weekend!!) I spent Saturday planting my 10 elderberries to create a hedge in a wettish area, some replacement rhubarb, 3 honeyberries as an experiment, & one Motherwort which has been a helpful herb for me as of late.  I got around to some mulching with buckwheat hulls, my new favorite mulch.  Also, did some raking and prepping beds.  Meanwhile, DH was completing machine maintenance to get ready for the summer of work.

Sunday we took the day off!!!  We took our little canoe to nearby China Lake.  This is a pretty heavily populated lake so it can be busy and noisy.  But, this time of year with the ice just barely off the lake it was pretty quiet.  We had never canoed this lake but have driven by it 100's of times.  It was pretty neat to see the sights from the water.  We took a picnic that we had while floating about.  Spent nearly 4 hours on the lake which we only realize when we came ashore.  The loons made several appearances as well as "singing" their haunting song!

Monday was back to work!  DH had some wood to stack and then he rototilled my gardens for me.  I got my peas planted and some flower seeds in for my beneficial insect garden edges.  early afternoon we took a break in the sun that lasted the rest of the day.  Both of us usually seek the shade but after this long winter the sun was an elixir of pure pleasure!

Today I need to get my onion seedlings in the ground.  I may get some other early seeds planted. So much to do.....!  Spring cleaning, set up my tree house, put away winter clothes, organize my attic....the sewing room my just be in limbo for a bit... well, at least until a rainy day.  I better get cracking!

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  1. It seems that everyone has elderberry bushes except me - I'll have to remedy in that in future years. An early Spring canoe sounds nice and it is always an exciting event to have loons surface so close to you.