Thursday, March 19, 2015

Not Great Weather for Ducks!

It is hard to believe that only last May these Ducks came to me.  This is their first winter and they must wonder what kind of world they have been hatched into...this world of perpetual winter!  It is hard for me to remember what spring warmth felt like.  We are on day 3 of howling winds that are keeping temps well below times below 0!  When folk say that time flies by quickly they certainly have not lived through a winter like this one.  Forever is how long last May feels to me...I can only imagine how it feels to my Duckicles!

A week ago we had a moment of thaw and could actually see some ground.  This has since been covered by snow.  Unfortunately, is was not enough of a thaw to clean out the duckhouse.  I usually am able to clean it once a month during the winter but not this year.  I am stretching my imagination to find ways to add comfort to my Duckies lives.  By now there usually would have been enough of a thaw that they could be foraging the ponds inlet and outlets.  I did make a discovery the other day that is adding to their diet.  I was in the freezer getting pumpkin out to make pumpkin bread when I came across boxes of grated frozen zucchini.  I thought I would make zucchini bread this winter...but then I thought of my ducks!  They usually won't eat veggies like chickens, I thought I would give it a try!  They love it!  Unfortunately, my zucchini supply is not going to last until the year I will freeze more with the ducks in mind....maybe grated carrots next?  My sweeties are still laying eggs for me!  I tell them they can take a ducks ever!

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  1. I emptied out the freezer trying to find goodies for my 4 chickens this winter. Also made them some pasta for breakfast! Love that last picture!

    1. I have been dipping into my worm compost and giving the ducks a few worms too... So do you still have a lot winter where you are located?