Tuesday, March 31, 2015

~~~Gratitude~~~ winter makings

This is how it looks out my window this morning.  Not very spring like!  March came in like a lion and is going out like a mule!  A slow melt may not be so bad.  It is...I...afterall, that always gets anxious when winter has nearly come to an end and I haven't gotten to all my winter projects.  I have, finally, accepted I will never be caught up!  That is an illusion because, for me, ideas beget ideas.  So here are some the ideas that have been hatched this winter and have actually been completed!

March is when I enlist the assistance of my DH for sewing machine maintenance.  I lug all the machines to the dining room table and DH brings in his compressor and blows all the lint out my machines.  Then we oil and grease.  My newest fancy machine only requires one drop of oil.  But the rest have detailed oiling diagrams.  The little Singer Featherweight I found at church sale years ago, paying only $10!  I haven't been using it...the sewing room is pretty crowded. Since it just got oiled I thought I should run it through it's paces.  Well, folks, I think I am in love!  It works so sweetly and is perfect for puppet making!  There IS room for one more machine in my space and heart!

This winter I came up with a new product!  I call them Pillow Puppet Pocket Pals.  First came the Bunny then I made some Piggies!  Working on a Panda pattern right now ideas are begetting ideas!

I had some fun with my prototype bunny!  Bunny has a dot of velcro on it's paws for fun positionings and goofy poses!  Like this one reacting to another snowstorm!

Hanging in there with some goofy fun!

Peaceful contemplation of the winter beauty...

Here are a few more of my winter creations!

....and today's sewing...Bachelor Buttons!

 I am grateful for the lingering winter that is extending my creative ideas beget ideas without the distractions of spring.  And the time, the room, in my life to make them come true!

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