Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Today ~ Winter Marches On...

Another day in Winter wondering when it will end land...  This is today.  A little bit of thawing is happening.  A slow thaw is for the best but I do long for the snow to go at this point. 

The ducks are enjoying the first ground they have seen in 6 weeks!

 I snowshoe each day preferring the old gust shoes to the fancy metal ones.  They are quieter on this old spring snow.  I am leaving treats for the resident ravens each day.  Feels like plodding along through winter.  I often for get to look up and just watch the progress of one foot in front of the other.  But when I do look up it is beautiful....

 My favorite tree to hug ((()))

 Nice to see some blue sky today...

 The pond inlet flow is starting to work away at winter's grip.

First pussy willows are a welcomed bit of white! 
a perfect poem to describe the Now!



Dwayne Leon Rankin

The snow still covers all the ground,
A chilling wind still blows.
Still no green or brown is seen,
As winter snows still flows.

But on the breeze a change is felt,
Blowing now on past.
Showing forth a hint of thaw,
Upon this winter cast.

Every day the sun does shine
With just a bit more heat.
The air seems just a bit more fresh,
With every breath more sweet.

And even though the snow still lies,
Upon the ground to see.
Still a trickl'ng can be heard,
Of waters flowing free.

Every day the level drops,
Of all that snow still seen.
Bringing hope the ground will soon
Be showing us some green.

A robin's song is heard nearby,
So faint and sweet the sound.
Showing now t'is winters end,
To all the land around

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