Thursday, December 20, 2012

Random Acts of Niceness

My favorite tradition during the holiday season is the giving.  I find so much simple joy in giving.  Much of our societies  giving is based on giving and getting.  My enjoyment comes from the giving with little or no possible reciprocation...except a bit of gratitude.  I started this tradition of random giving when I was in elementary school.  I would make cards and just leave them places where someone might find them.  I would always leave a card in my mailbox for the postman (they were only men when I was a girl).  I thought it a thankless job.  I never met my postman but was grateful for the mail I receive because of his work (I was sort of a pen pal nut).

In adulthood I have continued my little private tradition.  I call it "A Random Act of Niceness".  But the giving isn't all random.  I always give to my present postman...I know him, his name is Roy.  He is wonderful bright spot in my day.  He has a laugh like Santa Claus and is  always cheerful about picking up my Etsy Packages.  Thanks Roy!!

So what I do is make a bunch of baked goodies (like biscotti see yesterdays post).  I package them up, usually on a plate, but this year I acquired a bunch of stockings for 10 cents each!   I make a little card (last year I used a letterpress card "Occupy Love" by A Revolutionary Press, Harborside ME) with a meaningful quote and attach it to the "Niceness".  Then the giving begins.  There are a few others that aren't random anymore like the guys at the recycling center.  This year I had my husband take it for me when he went recycling...the guys..asked after me even though I just say hi ~ bye to them!  I give to our bottle redemption guy as well.  With the rest I try to be more random until they are gone.  Sometimes it is the Fedex or UPS person.  I have given them to cashiers even people on the street.  

My best one this year was at the car dealers.  I had to get some warranty work done that I was told would take up to 2 hours.  I checked in with the receptionist, a rather monotone experience.  I had my stocking hidden below the counter.  When I was all checked in I pulled the stocking into view and this gal squealed with delight!!  She was old enough to be a grandma but she acted like a girl.  She told me that she always says, "Christmas is for little kids and ME!"  Well, by golly, my car was finished in 30 minutes!

These bits of niceness are really acts of love honoring our inner connected-ness.   

Wishing you Joy in this time of Giving!

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