Friday, June 12, 2015


The Boy is on the mend.  My gardens are planted.  And the best news, we are sleeping in a new bed!  After 2 1/2 weeks of sleeping on the floor, the couch, the frat house, & hospital waiting rooms a bed feels like pure bliss.  New cork flooring is down in the bedroom.   That much closer to the end of our 22 year journey of building this house together.  I can't say I have truly caught my breath yet.  Still weekly trips to help out my son.  The gardens need care.  The next phase of ---> can we really, finally, finish our house this summer needs to begin.  And, oh yeah, I have 4 Etsy shops.  But a little breather is in order.  At least a mental one.  Big Breath ~~~in~~~out~~~

At last I can be with you!
The grinding hours
since I left your side!
The labor of being fully human,
working my opposable thumb,
talking, and walking upright.
Now I have unclasped
unzipped, stepped out of.
Husked, soft, a be-er only,
I do nothing, but point
my bare feet into your
clean smoothness
feel your quiet strength
the whole length of my body.
I close my eyes, hear myself
moan, so grateful to be held this way.

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