Saturday, May 23, 2015

☼ Forest & Field Happenings ☼ Plus ++++

My families' life has taken a turn towards the bit crazy, busy.  My scientist son who was already to rock n roll for the summer up at college had a bit of an accident.  While having some fun with his bros, play soccer, he broke his leg last Sunday.  So I was on the road back and forth, spent a night in a frat house, sat at a hospital while my boyo had surgery, brought him home and, settled him into the living room.  Of course, this all happened after we had emptied our bedroom readying it for painting and flooring.  So we are all sleeping in the living room.  Gardens are on hold, while my hands are full with renovations and nursing care.  But that is just as well since the spring has been pretty frosty.  

I am flowing with everything and taking advantage of the situation.  My days with my boyo are numbered as he prepares himSelf for adult life that will surely take him away from Maine.  I am being In Joy with the time I have with him.  This may be my last chance to really care for him on this deep mothering level.  He is healing well and fast.  He is determine to get back to college and take his class that starts in June even though he can't bear weight on his leg for 5 more weeks.  So the blog is on vacation for bit until I catch my breath.  Plus, I want to give all the time I can to helping my son.


  1. I live in a college town with a thriving (?) frat population. I pity you for having to spend the night in one! Enjoy this time with your son, despite the circumstances that made it happen.

    1. Thanks for your kind words! All is well here, although it is a bit exhausting...this too shall time to go dream of a summer beach in Maine~~~