Sunday, November 16, 2014

---Shop News--- Buzz Buzz Busy!

 Finally feels like winter around here!  A nice bit of snow and colder temps has gotten me into high gear when it comes to working on Etsy.  I am photographing and listing like crazy, a bit of making is mixed in as well.  I have created something like a schedule for my Self to keep things flowing and somewhat sane.  I usually put in three 10 to 12 hour days working on Etsy now that the gardening is REALLY done.  On those days I do not cook or clean.  Three days I do a mix of Our life work and fun chilling with the DH Once a week I try to get into town for a swim and a visit with some gal pals and do whatever errands need doing.  Everyday Runa & I get out for a walk.  This is probably the most essential aspect to keeping me grounded.

I know we haven't had Thanksgiving yet...but...if one is a maker of things the Holidays need to come early or one will miss the boat, so to speak.  My own house is still decorated for Thanksgiving and Fall and the mood is excitement around seeing our son when he comes home.  Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday...Halloween is #1!  Anyways, I ramble and make excuses for what you are about to see...Christmas!

Playing with a New idea which includes Wire and Wool! More HERE

Vintage "UGLY" Sweaters are all the Rage!  What every family gathering needs for a bit of Fun!

Vintage Holiday Goodies HERE


New Icicle Garland in the EcoCutie Shop!

Tendril can be found HERE & HERE 
Still Buy 3 get One Marble Tendril FREE

Selling Sea Glass even Now!

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