Saturday, November 29, 2014

~~~Gratitude~~~ Many Things

This Morning

I know I have been absent, lately.  I am still having equipment issues.  My 2007 Vista with 2MB of RAM computer and my 2011 IPad 2 with IOS 8 (I recommend Not updating an older IPad...too late for me) are not quite up to "speed" with todays computer requirement.  Any day, now, I should be upgrading to the Mac Mini...when I finally decide what I want and face the fact that Apple really doesn't have sales...of course, then this long time PC user of a certain age will be on a little learning curve~~~  That said I will start my list of gratefulness with the fact that I am grateful I am in a position to purchase a new computer!

Winter seems to be here!  What a week!  Last Tuesday the temps reached nearly 60 F!  I was able to clean out the duck house with ease.  I was able to dig my last carrots too!  Carrots that have been in the gound through a few freezes are indescribably delicious!  They are a favorite of one young man I know, who happened to be coming home from college for Thanksgiving!

 I left a few carrots in the ground.  It was a bit of a gamble since the only mulch was their carrot tops and plenty of hunger mice and voles are in the area.  But, each day on my walk I would have Runa patrol the carrot area to hunt for these little subterranean carrot eaters.  "Pay Dirt" on Tuesday!

The last time my hands will be covered with earth in 2014!  I am so grateful for my garden bounty!

I did not need my fork to pull the carrots.  The soil was loose and wonderful from all the fall rains!  But winter is here now.  A sure sign of winter are the nap location chosen by Runa and Vern!

I am so happy to have winter.  Yesterday, I enjoyed my first snowshoe of the season with a couple of gal pals. On the day before Thanksgiving I made a lovely dinner enjoyed by the 3 of us + one good friend of our sons who has been in our life since the kindergarten days.  A real Eagle Scout who honored me and DH with Mentor Pins this fall!  I have warm house, plenty of firewood, a bursting pantry...I live surrounded by beauty and love.  I am very grateful!  I really want for nothing! (well except for the computer up machine has frozen 5 times while typing this :p )

I will be back to regular blogging.  I really enjoy the process and sharing.  I appreciate your patience...I am learning another level of patience with the current computer configurations.  In the meantime I wish you and yours all the very best!

It is my intention, each week, to share something that fills me with Gratitude. 
I write ~~~Gratitude~~~ with the wavy lines to represent the gratitude ENERGY~~~~~! 
I hope you will join me and share your moments of Gratitude. 
~~~Amen, Blessed Be, Namaste'~~

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