Friday, October 25, 2013

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Now that the Gardens are DONE 
(well my new list is getting pretty long...but just a lot of little jobs...) 
Thread has been flying!  

3 new puppet are listed in 

Moose ~ Rose ~ Monarch Butterfly

I thought I was done making puppets.  I started making them back when I tried to sell handweaving at craft coops and fairs 20+ years ago.  Weaving is a tough to sell so I made puppets to make my rent at the craft coop.  My patterns have been stored away in the attic for years. When I opened my EcoCutie Shop they started to call me.  The truth is I love puppets!  Not just making them but playing with them too.

Mr. Moose is a totally new design this fall.  Have you ever hear of the book, If You Give a Moose a Muffin, by Laura Numeroff?  (love this it many times!)  Well, if you give a fiber gal a fleece she makes a Moose Puppet.  Back in September at the Common Ground Fair I swore I would NOT buy a fleece...I have enough stuff and enough to do!  But then I found this beautiful, to me, 5 pound Cotswold yummy brown fleece for $3.00 a pound!! I couldn't pass it up.  It has nice light brown tips that I noticed matched this light brown felt I had recently aquired....well I saw a MOOSE!  It took 3 prototypes to get him right...I just love him.  He is a bit of a ham too!

Puppets Make Great Tree Toppers!

Add rose oil to the mouth of Ms. Rosetta then she won't have stamen breath ~ LOL 

(here is another blog post about my puppets if this isn't enough)


Go to Etsy and type in maineteam <--- one word ---> to start deciding what you want so you can <3 ahead of time.  Buy Local on Line (for my Maine Readers). Many shops will be having specials that day including me!  For November 8th ONLY use coupon code cashmob13 in any of my 4 shops and save 30%!  This will be my only sale this holiday season.

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