Friday, August 2, 2013

---Shop News---

Well is was a bit of an exciting week on Etsy for of my items made the front page.  It was random luck that I even saw it at all.  Wednesday night I was taking one last look at my email/facebook/etsy before signing off for the night.  Between signing in and out of my 4 shops I noticed my trees on the front page!  I was some excited!

Well what does that mean...156 hearts, 397 page views, & one custom order.

How does it happen (for non Etsians)?  Well, someone just like me on Etsy (in this case THANKS!!!) makes a treasury and then some mysterious people back at Etsy HQ decide if a treasury is front page worthy...based on beauty and what is trending...and I imagine some random luck.

Random Luck got me to thinking about....GRAB BAGS!  I love Grab Bags.  When I was a kid, out west, my family road tripped a lot.  We stopped at many roadside know the ones with the Jack-a-lopes and Snakepits!  They were filled with all manner of souvenirs including the grab bag bin.  I was and still am a very frugal person that does not tend to gamble.  But I have to admit the lure of the grab bag was irresistible to me.  Some were great, some were a bit skunky...but it never stopped me from buying one.  Guess I like a bit of mystery in life!

It just so happens has a Mystery Vintage listing.  Which reminded me that I had been meaning to add a Grab Bag to my shop, injoytreasures.  So I did!  (I promise~~~NO Skunky Grab Bags from Shop!)

Then I got the idea to make an Etsy Grab Bag Treasury...will it make the front page? 
 Who knows?  
But you can find LOTS of Fun and Mysterious Deals on Etsy!

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