Monday, August 5, 2013


Ok~~~I am late for my gratitude date~~~I did spend yesterday in a state of gratitude ~~~just couldn't get myself to the computer~~~the day was just too nicer than nice!  

This is the time when my winter loving self feels that the back of summer has been broken!  Nights are cool and quieter...sleep is longer and returns...

But that is not what I wanted to write about yesterday...this is my gratitude...

Mangoes & Avocados 

This is not just about the 2 most luscious  fruits on earth, this is about love.  The simple everyday love that often goes unnoticed.  The sort of love that sustains life much more than passion or expensive gifts.  This is about love that feeds.  Love that does not require return or notice.  You see, my most favorite food on earth is the perfectly ripe avocado and my son adores the mango.  So when these beauties are ripe they magically show up at our table.  My guy returns each week from his work away bearing more than the fruits of his labors.  He brings us love with the remembrance of our appetites.  He never touches them unless they are offered.  This week I am grateful for the many small acts in a life together that mean love and I vow to not let them go unnoticed!

avocado boat

I cut an avocado in half
and give one half to the visitor;
and I carefully scoop
the avocado
gently, gently
with a teaspoon
(the Aztec records show
this is, ahem! the fertility fruit)
and I savor each scoop
and eat like a pig
(ah well, like a graceful pig):
and at last
I have the skin left
in the palm of my hand
and it’s tough
and shaped like a boat;
and it has rained
and there’s a puddle of water
on the lawn
and an ant that’s been irritating me
wandering about on my naked foot
and I put the ant
in the avocado boat
and I set the boat in the puddle
and I give it a gentle push
and I say:
“Bon voyage, Monsieur! ”
And then I look at my visitor,
and that silly guy is still staring at his half
and I ask, ever gently,
“Do you need help
with your fertility fruit there? ”
The visitor replies, “No’ –
and I wonder if I should get him brain food
or perhaps set him off on another avocado boat… 

Mango Fruits

Mango fruits are exotic fruits
They are rightly called
Mango—The King of fruits!

Mangoes are tasty fruits
The taste is “out of this world” experience
Mangoes are luscious fruits!

Mangoes are sweet fruits
Scientifically named “ Mangifera indica”
Mangoes are delicious fruits!

Mangoes are rich fruits
Rich in vitamins, minerals and anti- oxidants
Mangoes are summer fruits!

Mangoes are our childhood fruits
They bring back memories of childhood
Mangoes are comfort fruits!

Soothing to the stomach are mango fruits
They contain enzyme papain
Hence we’re better with mango fruits!

To crave for mango fruits
It’s but quite natural
Good source of fibre are mango fruits!

There are green and red mango fruits
They have an exceptional flavor
We can sniff the good mango fruits!

In orange, and yellow are mango fruits
Each has its unique texture
In a rainbow of colours exist mango fruits!

It is a great glee to eat mango fruits
They are tenderizing agents
There’s contentment in consuming mango fruits!

There are many types of mango fruits
Alphonso, Kesar, Banganapalli, Neelam
Totapuri, Malgova, Rumani, are some mango fruits!

Fruit Compote is served from mango fruits
As Sorbet, Ice-cream it takes forms
Excellent salads are made from mango fruits!

A celebration of tropics are mango fruits
In summer it is a daily ritual
And a treat to bite into mango fruits! 

 It is my intention, each Sunday, to share something that fills me with Gratitude. 
I write ~~~Gratitude~~~ with the wavy lines to represent the gratitude ENERGY~~~~~! 
I hope you will join me and share your gratitude moments. 
~~~Amen, Blessed Be, Namaste'~~~

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