Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Transition Time

Sunday's Dilly Beaning

Oh where, oh where has this blogger been....Oh where, oh where can she be?

It IS a busy time of year and there are plenty of distractions.  You probably think it is all the gardening and harvesting that needs to be done right now.  Well, yes and no.  There is gardening but I have had busier years with bigger gardens.

Garlic Harvest

Things to Pick


Or maybe I am sewing up a storm getting ready for fall sales on Etsy.  Just a little bit.

Unscented Trees will be coming to InJoyEcoCutie


Maybe, all the damp and rainy weather has fouled my blogging mood....

Never! PNW gal can love the rain~ALWAYS


Could it be that I am just goofing off and playing around in my sunflower house?

A room with a VIEW! 

This time of year, what I usually do is work all day out and about or in the sewing room.  Then after dinner I work on the computer listing Etsy items, edit photos, or write my blog.  But, lately, I have been watching a lot of movies & TV...before you start "judging" me their is more to the story!  Since my son hit his teens that has been the way we spend time together.  

Most of our watching is not what you would call very mind expanding...except NOVA...we both love NOVA!  But then again it has been pretty amazing what kind of discussions arise from watching Star Trek re-runs (I have seen them ALL...well except Voyager... something about Captain Janeway gets on my nerves).  There are human stories, science ideas, and of course adventure!  We recently watched the the movie THOR...which a comic book movie...it brought back memories for both of us of me reading aloud all the Norse Myths I could find when my son was young and an aspiring warrior.  We love any thing Sherlock Holmes..my son may have somewhat of a similar mind...at least my boyo thinks he does.  And we watch Survivor together.  This show is great for conversations with a teen about relationships~work, friends, marriage, human competition and compassion.  

I have been trying to do it "all".  Last Thursday after a very hard day of work I headed for the computer.  Then my son called, "Hey, want to watch a Star Trek?" Me, "Groan, give me one hour." 18 year old Son, "Aaaawh!"   I paused, I looked at my calender--- 1, 2, 3,....20 days LEFT until he goes to College!!  Me, "Give me 10 minutes...Do you want Popcorn?"

TV together is more than mindless entertainment.  It is the way I can lie near him like I did when he was young.  Then I read books to him that invoked discussion.  Now I watch shows with him.  We are both so ready for this transition in so many ways....but...I am going to miss him.  We banter, we discuss, we agree...more we disagree.  So blogging is on a vacation until I see my one and only child/man on his merry way.

I wonder how long I will leave his indentations in the couch after he leaves...?

And a Poem...new "favorite" poet as of last night...late reading after TV...

The Last Toast

Whether we like it or not,
We have only three choices:
Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

And not even three
Because as the philosopher says
Yesterday is yesterday
It belongs to us only in memory:
From the rose already plucked
No more petals can be drawn.

The cards to play
Are only two:
The present and the future.

And there aren't even two
Because it's a known fact
The present doesn't exist
Except as it edges past
And is consumed...,
like youth.

In the end
We are only left with tomorrow.
I raise my glass
To the day that never arrives.

But that is all
we have at our disposal. 

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  1. Glad you found the couch and TV, often times our rightly so enemies, to be useful friends during these months. Enjoy.