Friday, November 30, 2012

Advent Fun...with Upcycled Baby Socks!

The Story:

This is a very special holiday season for my family.  Our only child is in his senior year of high school.  Certain realities of endings are sneaking up on us, one in particular is our Advent tradition.  It all started when I just couldn't bear to part with my son's baby socks.  They are just so cute!  Also, I was trying to make some holiday traditions that would truly be ours alone.  We are a small family of 3 with all of our extended family more than a few states away and in some cases across the ocean. Though we are blessed with many good friends and a wonderful community holidays are a time for family.   So  we happily celebrate with just our little trinity.

I had not grown up with the tradition of Advent.  But my husbands relatives across the pond would send us nice paper calenders with little windows to open each day.  I started to look at the idea of making one that could hold  surprises.  My son was 3 at the time and I thought this would be fun!  I am a big advocate of the 3 - R's ~~ Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!  (Now~~this is called upcycling)   The sweet little socks my son had out grown were in my own sock drawer so I could give them a kiss now and then.  One day while communing with the baby socks I thought...Christmas Stockings!  

Now the real fun!! 

Everyday there is a little prize in each sock.  A bit of candy in some, little cars during the car years, little Legos during the Lego years.  When he got older and could read I would put clues in some socks and hide presents around the house.  I usually saved these for the weekends.  (NOTE: make a list of where you hide things...the first year I didn't...found some things in January!)  My favorite year was when my son was into the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.  (I read all 4 books aloud to him but he would never let me read the Elvish...I didn't speak it correctly so he read those parts)  That year I wrote all the clues in Elvish!  The past few years cash, candy, and other "forbidden" food items have been popular.  The clues are more cryptic, my notes are more necessary!

So this year is the last hurrah.  Next December 1st our son will be away at college. So I am going all out this year.  I saw my son a few days ago checking out the socks  to see if I had filled them yet!  ;)

How To:

This is so easy it is nuts!  I had some left over wreath ribbon that I punched 24 holes in with a paper hole puncher. (I had every intention of making a beautiful handwoven ribbon with inlaid numbers...great thing about being creative...too many ideas!)  I numbered the holes with a Sharpie marker.  Then I used matching gold safety pins to attach the socks.  I used the safety pins just in case I am ever lucky enough to be a grandma and the socks need to be used as socks again!  Glad to be passing on this tradition.  I would love to hear if anyone else tries this...or...had the same idea!  What do you think...should I put a baby sock back in my drawer when he has gone his merry way....???

The hand knitted socks were made by his Oma.

Fully Loaded!

My Notes



This little birdie has been showing up in the Advent for years now!

Fancy college interview how his feet have grown!


  1. Love this idea. wish I had saved my kids socks. Necessary items for upcoming year...bubbles! Harmonica, flashlight keychain, deck of cards, personal items ;-)