Thursday, November 15, 2012

Frost Thoughts

Brrrrr was the word for this morning's walk.  First time this season I needed to scarf my face. A cold north breeze. An inner excitement builds. I love frost.  I love winter. 

I grew up in the PNW, north of Seattle.  Frost wasn't something I experienced so frequently. Puddles were quite common but frozen ones not so.  It is funny, Robert Frost was my favorite poet as a teen.  I loved his work on some intuitive level but I didn't really get it.  It wasn't until I moved to New England in my early 20's that a light bulb came on and I "saw" Frost all around me!  I loved the PNW but I think I am a New Englander at heart.  I feel the building quiet of winter coming.  Time to fire up the cook stove and create coziness.  More time for cups of tea and contemplation.  Hope you will join me!

Now Close the Windows

Now Close the windows and hush all the fields:
If the trees must, let them silently toss:
Be it my loss.
It will be long ere the marshes resume,
I will be long ere the earliest bird:
So close the windows and not hear the wind,
But see all wind-stirred.

Robert Frost

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