Monday, October 27, 2014

---Shop News--- Technical Difficulties = Moose

A new herd of Moose Puppets are back in my EcoCutie Shop--Yeah!  I have to admit it took me longer than I had hoped.  I had the usual distractions --- FINISHING the Gardens...well nearly <---next blog...I hope.

I hope, because I am having technical difficulties these days.  It all started when I nonchalantly updated my 2011 iPad 2 with iOS8.  Guess my "old" iPad is not limber enough for this operating system.  Now I feel like I am on dial-up internet during a big freeze... I get random freezes now.  Oh well, I thought, I do most of my work on my desktop.  Late last Thursday night I got a blue screen on my 2007 Vista Desktop.  The next morning after posting it on FB I was informed by several reliable techie sources this is know as the "Blue Screen of Death"!  Ah, how melodramatic, except I wasn't feeling very mellow about it!  I got into sort of a tizzy.  I had been planning to upgrade and go over to the Mac-Side this fall....that was until my son's college book bill came....

I spent Friday in DIY crash course trying to understand DH's Windows 8 laptop.  Windows 8 is the number one reason I am going to Mac.  If I have to learn something new it might as well be Apple.  DH uses his computer mostly to read the news, email, and watch a video now and then.  I had all sorts of tangles trying to get a few programs loaded.  I kept breathing and telling myself, "If I can warp a loom, I can do this...this isn't harder than teaching my Self to weave...."  I took some programs off my Vista and did a systems restore.  It is working for now and I am rearranging some of our finances so I can get the new Mac Mini.  Limitations may happen and blogging will go down on the priority list.  So if you don't hear from me you will know why!

Blue Screen of Death

I was a bit cranky by the end of Friday.  May face had been in front of screens for too long.  I decided to turn everything off, make a cup of tea and just look at a real window for a while.  We were having a wild rainy Nor'easter.  I felt better after that.  I spent the evening creating in quiet.  Just my little weavette loom, handspun yarn, needle & thread.  I made these little beauties for gifts.  I really enjoyed creating them so much that I hope to make some more for the Emporium shop this winter.  It was fun to dive into my huge collection of doodads and create off the grid so to speak.

I continued with the off the grid theme and finally finished my Mooses!  It was quite a lovely rainy day for sewing.  Computer woes does have the benefit of "showing" me how much time I have been spending "there" instead of "here".  Feels like time for a re-evaualtion of my use of TIME!  Always, a silver lining!  

Puppets make fun tree toppers too!

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