Friday, October 10, 2014

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 Autumn's Chaotic Splendor

 Things are winding down in the gardens so things are winding up in my Etsyland.  Yesterday, while scanning my FB feed I came upon an article that claimed the most creative folks are messy.  I prefer to call it chaos.   I will, openly, admit that my work spaces are chaotic to the neater minded.  This may date me but, my relationship with DH is like Felix and Oscar...can you guess who is who?  It has created a good balance for both of us.... as long as the house is neat and DH stays out of my office, sewing room, & attic.  I won't want my chaos everywhere but, I do find it comfortable in my messy work spaces.

I always wonder about those perfectly neat studios that are featured in magazines and on the web.  Are they for real?  Even if I spent a week tidying my spaces they would never look like those bastions of orderly creation.  Time is one of my arguments that is pro Chaos.  Should I spend time whipping things into shape or making?  I do occasionally clean things up... a bit ...when I am in the mood and usually late at night with music.

Another point in favor of chaos is Nature.  Everywhere I look in Nature there is chaos and messiness.  We humans, for some reason, feel compelled to put things into some sort of order.  I know there is orderly Nature like the bee's honeycomb but, have your really ever tried to get your ducks in a row...not going to happen!  More often than not, one will find chaos in Nature.  I am very much at home in/with nature.  My chaos feels like a kinship.

So how do you roll when it comes to creating? Are you neat as a pin or do you like to mess around?  

 Yesterday ~ My Chaos

Moose Puppets in progress... Coming soon AGAIN to InJoyEcoCutie

Chaos in my Office ~ Posting New Items to InJoyTreasures  EVERYDAY!

Nature sets a good example!  Chaos is beautiful!

Ok~ I planted these Sunflowers... go figure!?

And a poem about Chaos::::

Repetition, repetition, repetition
A dancing circle...
Round, around, round
Sun, rain
Sun, sun, Rain rain, Rain, sun.
Life- Death, Death-Life
All as part of one.

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