Sunday, September 8, 2013


Well the first week of College has passed.  All is Well!  That is what I am grateful for this week.  All the messages I have received from my boy speak to the awesome-ness of college.  He wrote that everything is great even the classes!  What more could a mother wish for?

Last Friday was the big moving in day.  We got there early enough so we were before the big crowds.  We (his grandparents came too...Dad couldn't get off work) had a leisure time of watching him unpack. It was a beautiful day so we took an enjoyable walk around the campus.

I had thought I would be leaving pretty quickly after getting him settled but, he seemed to want me to stay.  So stay I did.  His Grandparents left but I stayed and waited for his roommate to arrive...a very nice young man and a great match for my boyo...happiness.  After that we had dinner together   During our meal my son received a text from a High school chum that had just arrived.  Suddenly, my kid no longer "needed" me!  I could feel him become I offered to leave.  After a private hug in the dorm room I left with an arm load of stuff not staying....including me!  As we parted ways I set down my burdens and took out my camera to shot a picture of my son off in the distance...symbolic I thought...

I zoomed in for the next picture.  He turned towards me just as I snapped the photo!  

PERFECT!  I let out a little yelp and did a little happy dance (far enough away as not to embarrass the boy) It was just the perfect end to a perfect day!

I spent a lot of time last night trying to find a poem that expressed how I am feeling.  I AM feeling.  But not in the "traditional" empty nest way.  I have moments of crying but there is NO Story...I have moments of unease still NO story attached to those feelings...I am just feeling.  But, mostly, I am feeling content and happy that the day of transition has come.  We were both over ripe for this change.  So a good day, a good turn down the path of life.

So I will share a poem I wrote in the 12th grade when I was 18.  It was for an assignment in English Class.  We were asked to write about Maturity.  So here it is in my original hand on notebook paper!


You start with a seed
it begins to grow.
struggle, struggle
through the dirt.
reaching, grasping
for the sun
roots go deeper
and the seed is now a tree
tall and straight
changing less
...yet some how
still changing
continually growing
the roots go deeper
(it's very hard to move a tree)
But, remember, the tree always 
for the 


18 year-old self

It is my intention, each Sunday, to share something that fills me with Gratitude. 
I write ~~~Gratitude~~~ with the wavy lines to represent the gratitude ENERGY~~~~~! 
I hope you will join me and share your gratitude moments. 

~~~Amen, Blessed Be, Namaste'~~~

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