Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hello World

This last year I have had many folks encourage me to write.  I have received comments like you should write or you should blog.  But it wasn't until recently at an Art Walk in Belfast, Maine that a friend I hadn't seen in awhile asked me what was new?  I told her I had opened an Etsy Shop and her immediate response was, "Are you blogging yet?!"  Ok, you know who you are...I am NOW and thanks for that final nudge I needed.

So what will this be about.  As I mentioned I have the ye olde etsy shop.  The shop is really about my obsessive need to create.  I will use this platform to explain a few things. I have a few unusual fiber art items that have stories.  I have a lifestyle that some find interesting.  I am very interested in daily seeing.  I have a practice of trying to see something new each day.  I feel so much about art, creating, & enjoying beauty is through the act of aware seeing.  I have more introductions but for now I think I will just share some seeing from earlier this week.
 I found a completely round piece of birch bark in the woods while walking.  I started to just looking through it and seeing how the world looked.  Since I know my trails well, I managed to keep my footing.  It was a calming experience.  A reduction of stimulus.

Vern the Cat

Runa the Icelandic Sheepdog

At my feet

So We Begin

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  1. Awesome blog Deborah. Especially enjoy your world view. Good luck and have fun.